About Us

O’Dwyer Microdistillerie Gaspésienne Inc. is a gin and whisky distilling company dedicated with creating the finest blend of spices and grains through innovative distillation methods aging techniques. We aim to tie in to the richness of the history and culture of the Gaspésie while at the same time sharing our passion of innovation and technology through our product.



Michael Briand

Sales and Marketing

Michael has taken the reigns of sales, marketing and branding. He likes to promote the distillery so you'll most likely see him around town talking to people about our products. If you don't see him, then he's most likely deep in the distillery 'tasting' new product.

A few years ago Michael became fascinated with distilling while studying engineering and loves every aspect of his job.


Frédéric Jacques

Master Distiller

Frédéric is the master distiller and brains of the company with a doctorate in organic chemistry to back it up. He's in charge of everything production, using his expertise to ensure the last produced bottle is just as tasty as the first.

Frédéric is continuously improving and inventing new methods of process and whisky aging techniques.