The Distillery

We distill gin, whisky and other spirits from a fine selection of grains and rare botanicals found locally. Through our techniques of elaboration and aging, we wish to highlight the richness of the history and culture of the gaspésie, while sharing with you our passion for innovation and technology.


From the form of ‘’Au-Ras-des-Dunes’’ which translates to ‘’Between two dunes’’ which is located on the Morris River sitting in the bottom of a valley between Fox River and Gaspé.

This gin is made from four different kinds of wild mushrooms, picked by hand in the gaspésie, by the company gaspésie sauvage.

Radoune Vielli

Aging is a science that we are always perfecting. The barrels chosen to make this product come from a rare line of distilleries which produce Canadian whisky. The barrels are soaked for 1 week in water before filling them with gin, as to not completely lose the taste of Radoune.

The barrels are 15 years old made of amercian oak. They are handpicked to ensure the quality is to the standard of the product we put in them.

Le St-Pierre

In 1920, the prohibition turned on the island of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon off the coast of Newfoundland into a bottleggers havan. Alcohol was transported in the Gaspé Peninsula, through the international waters, to small fishing boats to be hidden on the banks and rivers and then to be sold on the black market.

This spirit was know to all Gaspesians as being white whisky, little white, or simply St. Pierre


Michael Briand

Michael is the head of sales, communications and marketing. An all around entrepreneur, he has developed his interest in the distillation world during his civil engineering studies. Passionate about innovation, O’Dwyer Distillery is the perfect playground to test out the latest invention. Everywhere he goes and someone approaches him, he finds it a pleasure to talk about the distillery and the coming projects.


Frédéric Jacques

Frédéric is the master distiller and manager of O'Dwyer distillery. After his business management studies, Frédéric had the sting for entrepreneurship. Holder of a doctorate in organic chemistry, he also uses his expertise to develop new all-grain whiskey recipes. In addition to his many administrative tasks, Frédéric also manages the production process, ensuring that the quality and taste of the products are the same, from the first to the last bottle.

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